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    From pure natural materials that are part of the natural cycle and created by photosynthesis.


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    Product description

    A kitchen sofa is the very symbol of cosiness. Norrgavel's room-creating Pinn Sofa invites you to relax around the table while drawing the eye in a natural way. Its elegant design bears a clear resemblance to the Pinn Armchair, which is also part of the Pinn family. The outer backrest pin blends into the shape of the sofa by pivoting off and transforming itself into an armrest by means of a layered construction. Pinn Sofa fits equally well in the country kitchen as in the stripped down modern kitchen - an inviting seating area for several!

    Note! As tempera is sensitive to wear on sharp edges and corners, especially on exposed surfaces such as these, paint abrasions and marks after wear can occur. This type of wear is not accepted as a reasonable basis for a complaint.


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