• Coffee table Kiltapp

    Oak white oil


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    Product description

    A graceful coffee table with a generous table top. Our skilled joinery experts display true craftsmanship here using old methods – the wedged mortise and tenon joint is a beautiful detail that enhances the piece, while also enabling us to proudly avoid metal fittings.
    The same furniture range includes (product sheets) in three heights, designed to be combined with each other or with the Kiltapp Coffee Table – sit them with their tops overlapping and move them around as the need arises. The Kiltapp Coffee Table and Small Table differ in terms of the dimensions of the legs and the frame. Because the table top of the Kiltapp Coffee Table is slightly bigger, it needs slightly wider legs and a deeper frame for stability. The design is the same but the dimensions are thus adapted to the size of the top.
    Surface treatment with white oil gives the wood a slightly whiter and cooler tone.


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