• Vase kolonn medium

    from Skruf



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    The Kolonn medium vase is part of the Kolonn vase series from Skrufs Glasbruk, designed by Carina Seth Andersson. The series was created in conjunction with the reopening of Stockholm's Nationalmuseum in October 2018. The design is simple and timeless to suit most homes. The vase is hand-blown by Skruf's glassblowers in Småland, making each vase unique. The Kolonn vase comes in three different sizes to accommodate various types of bouquets or single branches.

    Skruf Glasbruk is a Swedish glass manufacturer with a rich history in hand-blown glass production. The company, founded in 1897, is located in Skruf, a village in Småland. Skruf Glasbruk is renowned for its high quality and solid craftsmanship in glassmaking. Using traditional techniques, they create unique and aesthetically pleasing glass products. Each glass object is hand-blown by skilled glassblowers, making every product unique and personal.


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