• Guide - Choose the Right Dining Table

    The kitchen table or dining table is so much more than just a place for meals. The dining table is a natural gathering spot for homework, remote work, conversations, wine tasting, game nights, and various crafting projects. Here, everyday life unfolds interspersed with celebrations. A functional and sustainable dining table is a wise investment – a table that only becomes more beautiful over time as it collects small traces of life, in the form of a personal and unique patina. But which table suits your home best? How should one think about the shape of the table? And what is it like to live with furniture made of solid wood? Let yourself be inspired by our dining table guide and find the perfect table for your home.

    Needs and spaces

    Start by listing the needs and desires, as well as assessing the conditions. If you often have guests at home, for example, a table with extension leaves can be invaluable. Is the room narrow or square? Depending on the layout of the room where the table will be placed, it may be wise to choose a shape for the dining table that optimizes the space. Which type of wood do you like the most and what works best with the rest of the decor?

    The shape of the table

    Choose between a dining table with comfortably rounded shapes and extension leaves, or a wide kitchen table for the spacious living room or dining area. A round pedestal table, where the tabletop rests on a pedestal in the middle, feels airy and is especially suitable if you live in a small space. For added flexibility, you may want a traditional round table that can expand significantly when dinner guests are many.  

    Good to know!

    When measuring how large a table can fit, it's important to consider that the chairs increase the perimeter of the dining table. Roughly, each chair adds about 20 centimeters when the chairs are pushed in.

    Round dining tables

    Round dining tables create an inclusive feeling around the table since no one ends up far away at one end. Additionally, round kitchen tables usually work excellently in smaller kitchens. With a round dining table, it's easy to furnish the room with the table in the center.


    Pillar Dining Table


    Round dining table

    Rectangular Dining Tables

    Rectangular-shaped dining tables can have a generous width, perfect for spacious dining areas, but can also be slim in width and function as a lovely long table in a narrow room – why not place more than one table lengthwise? Choose a table with or without extension leaves depending on preferences and usage. A classic shape that invites wonderful moments around the table.


    Wide Dining Table


    Extendable Dining Table


    Dining Table


    Multi-O Table

    Materials and Surface Treatment