• Zlamp - beautiful and environmentally friendly lighting

    It was through a private lamp purchase by Norrgavel founder Nirvan Richter that the collaboration with Swedish Zlamp began. Since its inception in 1992, Zlamp has focused on the environment, quality and light. All lampshades are manufactured by hand in Zlamp's own workshop in Anderslöv, Skåne. Most of Zlamp's wooden details are turned in Vetlanda in Småland. In Gnosjö in Småland, all laser-cut details are manufactured and then painted in the neighbouring village of Hillestorp.

    All the wood used for the lamp stands is grown in Sweden, which minimises the need for shipping and thus protects the environment. The surface treatment of the wood is done by waxing or wax stain solution, where the solvent consists mainly of plain water. The screens are made of polypropylene plastic, an environmentally friendly product that when burned becomes water and carbon dioxide, paper without colour additives and water-based glue. The metals chosen by Zlamp for its lamp collections are steel, bronze, brass and cast iron. When painting the metal frames, powder coating is used - a dry painting method, where no solvents are used.

    All lamps from Zlamp provide maximum light without glare. They take into account the characteristics of the light source and design luminaires that direct the light correctly. Most of Zlamp's lights are equipped with LEDs - the most environmentally friendly option available on the market. Beautiful and sustainable lighting in Swedish!

    The lamps are available for purchase in our stores.