• Egg tempera - the scent of Norrgavel

    temperamålning lammhult

    The scent of Norrgavel

    In Sweden, egg tempera has been used since medieval times. Originally used for decorative painting and sculptures, it gradually became more common on walls and furniture as well. Nowadays, many choose egg tempera for environmental and health reasons, thanks to its pure and natural content - free from additives or solvents. Others choose egg tempera simply because it produces an incomparably beautiful result.

    Egg tempera is a very durable and long-lasting paint suitable for all forms of indoor painting. The paint adheres to most materials and can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. Additionally, the paint is water-soluble - brushes and paint splatters can be easily washed before the paint dries.

    Egg tempera is a paint strongly associated with Norrgavel, and it's no coincidence that it has become so. Norrgavel's founder, Nirvan Richter, explains:
    – Tempera is the most naturally pure paint we could find. It's beautiful and so pleasant to live with; it lays like a thin matte veil over the wood surface and changes appearance with the light of the day - it ages with dignity.

    At our workshop in Lammhult, every piece of furniture that needs painting passes through with some beautiful egg tempera color. Every piece of furniture seen in the pictures is made for a specific customer - someone who has visited one of our stores and found their favorite piece of furniture and then chosen a lovely shade of color. Our furniture production is artisanal and customer-order-driven. This means that hardly anything is kept in stock; the furniture is made only when someone places an order - this way, you get to be a co-creator of your new furniture.