• April, 2021

    Pin armchair - a long-awaited new addition.

    The journey from idea to reality was long, but now it's finally here - Norrgavel's new Pin Armchair! The Pin Armchair is a relative of the Pin Chair, where the outermost back pin seamlessly merges with the chair's form, curving off and transitioning into armrests with the help of a finger joint. Still maintaining the Pin Chair's light elegance and balanced strength, but with more generous dimensions. The Pin Armchair is crafted from solid birch or oak.

    The idea behind the Pin Armchair

    "Norrgavel's Pin Chair has been in the assortment since 2010. Already then, there was the idea to complement it with an armchair, the question was just how.

    Historically, you can find beautiful and wonderfully comfortable Windsor chairs of the comb-back type, where the armrest continues around the entire chair back with all the back pins pierced through. However, more streamlined pin chairs - such as Norrgavel's - often only have a short armrest attached to the outermost back pin, which doesn't feel entirely convincing. I wanted the armrest to blend more organically with the chair's form, and I was thrilled when the idea came to let the outermost back pin curve off and transition into the armrest itself. This happened in 2016, so the journey from idea to reality was long. The shape came fairly quickly, and the chair's balanced strength exceeded expectations, but the major challenge was the manufacturing.

    A finger joint was the solution to the almost perpendicular bend. As usual, the armchair has slightly more generous dimensions than the regular pin chair, and it's beautiful to mix them around a table.”

    Nirvan Richter
    The designer and founder of Norrgavel

    Flowing beautiful forms

    The chair arm seamlessly blends with the chair's form as the outermost back pin curves off and transitions into the armrest itself. Despite the sleek and minimalist design, the construction is very durable, thanks to a finger joint in the almost perpendicular bend.

    The pin armchair is available in solid birch or oak and with several different surface treatments - soap, oil, white oil, brown oil, lacquer, or tempera. The pin armchair is especially beautiful together with our Pin chair – combine dynamically with different surface treatments or choose the same surface treatment for a unified calm!


    Inspiration film - Pin armchair. Music by Råå.